Enhance Your Mountain Biking Posture

From beginners to pros, following these 5 tips to better your posture can be the foundation for better riding. Focus on one tip at a time until it feels natural.

Ground Yourself Through Your Feet

Standing on your pedals instead of relying on your bike seat distributes your weight closer to the ground, making you less likely to flip off your bike. Your suspension is responsible for absorbing bumps, and your wheels can carve corners easily since most of your weight is toward the bottom of your bike.

Riding Heavy & Light

As you become more intimately familiar with mountain biking, your hands should be both light and powerful, and your knees should never lock. To stay balanced on rough terrain, alternate between riding heavy and light to maintain fluidity and flexibility. Bend your knees, pull your feet up, and push the bars with your hands when going over rocks and other bumps. For holes, do the opposite. If you sense pulling on your fingers or pressure on your palms, you may be too far back or too far forward.

Shoulders Down, Hips Back

Pushing your hips back folds your torso level and brings your shoulders down closer to the handlebars. This decreases burning in your quads when going down hills and increases your range of motion for braking, turning corners, and riding down difficult trails.

Elbows Behind Your Hands

Your elbows should be hanging naturally from your shoulders. The width of your elbows and hands needs to be about the same. Doing this gives you a better range of motion, more strength, and less strain on your shoulders.

Keep Your Eyes Up

It is key to keep your eyes up so that you know what is coming next. At fast speeds, that split second could mean the difference between riding along happily or ending your day with an injury.

By practicing these skills, you may be able to ride without much worry, but injuries can still happen to anyone. Make sure you seek treatment right away from an expert who knows how to get you back to the trails quickly and safely. To find the right doctor near you, click here to use our handy, quick guide now.