Leave No Trace: Tips for Mountain Bikers

When mountain biking, many people don’t think of how they impact the trails. The following tips will help you prepare to ride the trails with mindfulness and precaution.

Plan & Prepare

Before heading to the trails, familiarize yourself with the surrounding trails by contacting the land managers, local bike shops, and cycling groups. Consider the length of the trail and your limits as well as how the weather may have recently affected the trails. Bring the right equipment and tools, such as a helmet, snacks, plenty of water, and lights and reflectors if you are riding at night.

Stay on the Trail

Stick to the established trails, authorized slick rock areas, dirt roads, and pavement. Local regulations may not allow off-road travel by bike. Respect any trail closures. Reasons for closures could include aggressive wildlife, wildfire, local events and races, poor trail conditions, and fallen trees, to name a few. If you do come across a wet, muddy, or icy patch, ride through to avoid widening the path, and avoid skidding or sudden braking.

Leave What You Find

Be careful not to introduce or transport any non-native species. Check your clothes, bike, and equipment for seeds before and after each ride. If you didn’t bring it with you, you shouldn’t take it home. The same goes for what you bring with you. Trash, equipment, and other items should leave with you.

You can take all the right precautions to avoid a crash, but injuries can still happen to anyone. Make sure you seek treatment right away from an expert who knows how to get you back to the mountains quickly and safely. To find the right doctor near you, click here to use our handy, quick guide now.