Bicycle Touring Club of New Jersey

Ride with friends in Bergen, Essex, Passaic, Morris, Rockland, Orange counties, and more.

BTCNJ is a recreational bicycling club run by volunteers.

Every year, we have over 2000 rides for different riding abilities/levels in our schedule.

These are group rides with a leader and, often, a "sweep" (a person who follows the group). The leader will stop periodically to regroup. You'll get support/help from the other riders (the leader, especially) and learn about new places to ride. Some of the rides take an hour or two but most are longer with a stop midway for lunch. People usually drive to the start of the ride.

We run multiday trips (weekends and longer) in places all over the US (and, sometimes, in other countries too). These are hotel-based and don't generally require you to carry your luggage on the bike. Weekend trips use one hotel as the base to do loop rides from. Some longer trips are run the same way but, sometimes, these involve riding from one hotel to another.

We also have non-riding events like monthly meetings, happy hours, picnics, and a yearly anniversary party.

We run the Ramapo Rally, typically on a day in August, with 600-1000 people (not just members) riding organized routes of 12 to 125 miles, all with support and food/refreshment.

We have a diverse membership of about 1300 people (novices to experts) who share a common interest in bicycling.

If you want to become a better cyclist, being a member of a bycling club can be one of the most effective ways to do that.